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About Our Organization

With 20 years of experience, Greater DC Cares is the leading and largest coordinator of volunteerism in the region. Greater DC Cares comprehensively mobilizes volunteers and strengthens nonprofits to better impact communities and the key issues in the Greater DC region.

Greater DC Cares works with a network of more than 800 nonprofits, 32,000 volunteers, and a host of corporate and foundation partners working together to positively impact the region.

Our programs and services include:

*Skilled and Traditional Volunteer Recruitment and Placement

*Professional Development Training for Nonprofits, Volunteers and Businesses
*Nonprofit Board Leadership Recruitment, Training and Placement
*Coordination and Allocation of Tools & Donated Goods and Services
*Issue Education and Advocacy
*Emergency Preparedness and Response

To find out more about Greater DC Cares go to or contact our Coordinator of Volunteer Programs and Outreach, Matt Crawford, at 202-777-4441 or

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